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Committees of Iranian Library and Information Science Association (ILISA)

Public Relations Committee



Information science and communications are two inevitable requirements and important principles in the modern day world. It is technically important to establish connections with diversified centers. The more and stronger these connections, the greater the degree of success will be for the scientific associations.

Public Relations and International Affairs Committee is attributed to a group of people in charge of establishing relations with and collecting information from other committees, organizations, scientific and specialized groups. This committee is also responsible for dissemination of news taking place inside and outside the association.



-          Enriching and updating the website

-          Planning for attraction of more addressees

-          Active participation in the discussions on the association

-          Establishing links with other committees of the association as well as scientific and specialized groups

-          Establishing links with the mass media

-          Planning for presence in international societies


Responsibilities and Activities:

1-         Developing and updating the website of the association

2-         Creating a databank for the members of the association

3-         Planning for attraction of more addressees and increasing the number of members

4-         Establishing links with the mass media for introducing the association and publicizing the association’s activities

5-         Establishing links with the libraries and information centers for membership and inking memorandum of understanding

6-         Establishing links with the scientific and specialized groups engaged in activities related to the association’s objectives and planning for mutual cooperation

7-         Compiling views, proposals, and reviews by members and non-members on the performance of the association and sending the packages to the committees

8-         Conducting opinion polls in the website of the association

9-         Cooperation with the committees of the association for holding gatherings, lecturing sessions and lodging the news on the website

10-     Correspondence with the members when necessary such as invitations, posters, …

11-     News collection and dissemination in the organizations and townships as the association’s contact committee

12-     Planning for membership of the association in international library and information science societies

13-      Active participation in the discussions made on the association

14-     Finding sponsors to support the gatherings and festivals

Participation in the sessions of the association’s committees

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