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Committees of Iranian Library and Information Science Association (ILISA)

Research Committee


The association intends to direct and expand research activities in the library and information science society of Iran. Therefore, this committee is active to bring about qualitative and quantitative growth of research activities in Iranian library and information science society on one hand, and on the other hand, take giant strides toward institutionalization of research-oriented approach in the society.



-          Compiling and publishing research findings on library and information science in the country

These activities are carried out on studying theses of MA and PhD degrees and the research projects implemented in the universities and research centers. One major achievement of the association, in this connection, can be making a list of research works on library and information science. Moreover, the Research Committee can help prioritizing research plans by reviewing and evaluating research activities in the country and present research priorities to the library and information science society.

-          Compiling research plan, carrying out research or offering research consultation

The Research Committee can participate in implementation of library and information science research projects in the following four forms:

1-         Research projects planned and implemented by the committee itself

2-         Research projects planned by the committee but implemented by other committees or groups

3-         Research projects planned by other committees or groups but implemented by the committee

4-         Research projects planned and implemented by other committees or groups and the committee offers consultation services at the request of the project managers

-          Developing research-oriented approach in library and information science society by various ways and means such as cooperation with the Educational Committee in organization of educational workshops


Responsibilities and Activities:

-          Regular and incessant observation of consulting sessions on research priorities of library and information science society in the presence of experts and presenting guidelines for directing research projects in Iranian library and information science society

-          Promoting technical awareness and knowledge of the library society on the need for conducting research and on scientific research approaches and methods

-          Writing papers, noticing call for papers and implementing research projects on the association

-          Collecting research projects on library and information science and presenting the package to the centers in demand of those works

-          Offering consultation and proposals to the Committee of Gatherings on determining the priorities, lecture topics of the monthly sessions and scientific gatherings, reviewing and evaluating lectures given at the gatherings, and cooperating with the Committee of Publications in publishing proceedings of the gatherings and collection of the speeches

-          Identifying research priorities and collaboration with the Public Relations Committee in establishing links with scientific and research centers engaged in library and information science inside the country, and setting up cooperation with them

-          Cooperation with Educational Committee of the association in line with facilitating research and methodology

-          Identifying existing opportunities and challenges on Iranian library and information science sector

-          Offering scientific consultation to the researchers and students of library and information science and related disciplines with respect to the specialization of the committee members and the individuals actively cooperating with the committee

-          Supervising research compilation, presentation and information procedure and helping application of the research findings

-          Creating a comprehensive databank of the Iranian librarians and sorting groups with joint research interests

-          Information and news dissemination on latest findings and incidents on library and information science and reviewing those activities

-          Holding research exhibitions and contests, granting awards for best paper, best thesis, best academic board member, best educational group, most successful research group, most successful researcher every year

-          Making preparations for active participation, cooperation and observation of Research Week (in cooperation with other committees)

-          Proposing ways to use research findings for promotion of the quality of education

-          Planning for and proposing compilation and translation of scientific books and papers

-          Cooperation with Committee of Publications in publishing a bilingual scientific monthly (English and Persian)

-          Directing and overseeing library groups across the country in conducting fundamental research projects

-          Feasibility studies for library science curriculum in various levels of education and presenting reports to the officials in charge

-          Creating a databank of accomplished and underway research projects meant to establish relations with individuals working in similar fields to avoid parallel projects

-          Compilation of research manuals and methodologies for the students, academic board members and employed librarians

-          Introducing criteria for evaluation of educational groups, academic board members, research projects, etc.

-          Paving the ground for realization of the aforementioned criteria

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